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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)


Minispec mq-one series NMR


Minispec mq-one series NMR


Avance III NMR

Analytical nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solutions and instruments for life science and material research applications

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is used to study the structure of molecules, the interaction of various molecules, the kinetics or dynamics of molecules and the composition of mixtures of biological or synthetic solutions or composites. The size of the molecules analyzed can range from a small organic molecule or metabolite, to a mid-sized peptide or a natural product, all the way up to proteins of several tens of kDa in molecular weight.

NMR nuclear spectroscopy complements other structural and analytical techniques such as X-ray, crystallography and mass spectrometry.

NMR’s advantage is the unique ability of a nuclear spectrometer to allow both the non-destructive and the quantitative study of molecules in solution and in solid state, as well as to enable the study of biological fluids.

The expansion of NMR Spectroscopy to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) by the application of magnetic field gradient pulses provides multidimensional images and spatially resolved spectroscopic information.

Bruker’s NMR product line includes Fourier,NanoBay and AVANCE spectrometers, accessories for NMR Microscopy, High Power Gradient Diffusion and RheoNMR, dedicated systems such as the JuiceScreener,WineScreener, Metabolic Profiler, and software packages such as Assure-RMS, CMC andDynamics Center.

Minispec mq-one series NMR

The One Solution for Your Dedicated QC Application
The mq-one is the newest addition to the minispec mq series TD-NMR systems. The award winning mq series covers a wide range of applications and offers expansion capabilities for both routine NMR quality control and R&D. The mq-one takes the minispec mq series product line further into the realm of routine industrial applications.

The minispec mq-one is the right choice
The mq-one analyzer is not just a benchtop system or mini NMR system; it is a dedicated analyzer providing a complete solution off the shelf. With easy installation, comprehensive calibration and calibration transfer standards, the mq-one is ready for use within minutes. This approach is a result of Bruker`s extensive experience in these dedicated applications.

The minispec mq-one analyzers come complete, ready-to-install, with calibration standards and traceable multi-language software. The installation instructions can get easier than this: place the mq-one on your lab bench, connect only two cables: the Ethernet cable to your PC and the power cord, switch it on and in 30 seconds the mq-one is operational.

Better for your Laboratory
Nowadays, laboratory space is precious. The current version of minispec mq-one has a smaller footprint than its predecessor, thus requiring less valuable space on your laboratory bench. Moreover, the mq-one is a quiet-runner, its low decibel operation noise will keep your laboratory quiet. Plus this machine with its maintenance-free ventilation concept requires only comparatively small amounts of electricity (ISO 14001), thus keeping down operating costs.

Performance You Can Rely On
Precise and long-term stable results can only be achieved with an optimal system layout. The mq-one with its all-in-one design perfectly matches these requirements. Both long-term and short-term measurement stabilities for the application of interest have continually been improved further. The system`s internal temperature is kept at a constant higher than room temperature (typically, but not limited to 40 °C) to within a 1/100 of a degree Celsius to guarantee optimal performance in a 24/7 operation.

Minispec m+ software
Since the introduction of the mq-series in 1998, the requirements for today`s industrial Quality Control (QC) have evolved. In order to provide solutions for today's challenges, Bruker now offers the 21 CFR part 11 compliant minispec plus software for the mq-one analyzers. The minispec plus combines multilingual support, user administration, ease of use and an intuitive work-flow for both calibration and daily measurements.

Minispec mq series NMR

The magnet NMR minispec mq series offers the most comprehensive range of measurement frequencies known today, ranging from 7.5 MHz for samples with large diameters, via 10 MHz, 20 MHz and 40 MHz, to the unparalleled mq60 with 60 MHz operating frequency.

While the minispec mq-one series features the best possible performance-to-footprint ratio for common QC applications, the minispec mq series offers multi-application support and a wide range of upgrade features, like tool-free exchangeable probes, variable temperature NMR probes and pulsed field gradient systems.

Avance III NMR

Avance III HD How Bruker provides the fastest, best performing and most flexible NMR research spectrometer on the market

The AVANCE III HD represents the next generation in the very successful AVANCE series product line, which has established Bruker as the global technology and market leader in NMR.

The Avance III HD architecture is based on a forward-thinking electronics concept that delivers an unprecedented level of digital control, fast NMR, high speed spectroscopy, flexibility and exceptionally pure NMR frequency generation. The AVANCE III spectrometer is designed around an advanced digital concept that provides an optimized pathway for highest speed RF generation and data acquisition with a highly modular and scalable transmitter and receiver channel architecture.
  • Patented Direct Digital Synthesis
  • One-chip RF generation
  • High-speed RF generation and data acquisition with minimum event time of 25 ns
  • Scalable transmitters and multiple receiver channels
  • High-dynamic range and digital resolution
  • Large-bandwith digital filtering
  • NMR Thermometer™

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