AA & ICP Spectrometer


The Agilent 240FS AA is a fast sequential atomic absorption spectrometer that can double sample throughout and dramatically reduce running costs. Able to handle multi-element suites with ease, the Agilent 240FS AA system is ideal for environmental, food, and agriculture labs. The 240FS AA features automatic lamp selection, programmable gas box, and D2 background correction.

Inductively Couple Plasma Spectrometer (ICP)

An inductively coupled plasma (ICP) is a very high temperature (7000-8000K) excitation source that efficiently desolvates, vaporizes, excites, and ionizes atoms. Molecular interferences are greatly reduced with this excitation source but are not eliminated completely. ICP sources are used to excite atoms for atomic-emission spectroscopy and to ionize atoms for mass spectrometry.