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Density & Refractometer


Density Meters

METTLER TOLEDO’s wide range of digital benchtop and portable density meters measure density, specific gravity (SG) and other related values, such as alcohol%, BRIX, API degrees, Baumé and Plato with high precision and a short measuring time.

As all our benchtop density instruments have a built-in Peltier thermostat to control the temperature so a water bath is not required.

Our portable density meters provide automatic temperature compensation for Brix%, alcohol, °Plato, API and % sulphuric acid or user defined temperature correction coefficients to suit your specific samples.

Measuring principle:

Within the density meter a hollow glass tube vibrates at a certain frequency. This frequency changes when the tube is filled with the sample - the higher the mass of the sample, the lower the frequency. This frequency is then measured and converted into density.


Digital refractometers measure refractive index and other related values (I.e. BRIX°, HFCS, concentration, user defined units) with high precision and short measuring time.

The instruments are practically maintenance-free, thanks to no moving parts, the long-life LED light source and the inert sapphire prism.

Measuring principle:
A high resolution optical sensor measures the total reflection of a light beam emitted by a special LED light source after hitting the sample. This total reflection is converted into refractive index, BRIX, HFCS or user defined concentrations. Even turbid or dark samples can be measured with this technique.

The accurate thermostating of samples with the built-in Peltier thermostat ensures reliable measurements (no water bath required).

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