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Melt Flow

Melt Flow Tester MF50 Multiweight Melt Flow Tester

The Instron® CEAST MF50 multiweight Melt Flow Tester performs melt index tests according to MFR and MVR procedures that fully comply with ASTM D1238 procedures A, B, C, D, and ISO 1133 A and B, for single weight and multiple weight determinations in one test. Multiple weight tests can include up to 5 masses in any sequence, either increasing, decreasing or random weights, with fully customizable preheating and measurement steps. All masses are pre-installed and managed by the machine without operator intervention, reducing all safety concerns. A high-resolution direct-contact encoder measures piston displacement and maintains a stable and precise temperature profile in the barrel. Additional advanced features include a large touch-screen display for full test programming, management and diagnostic functions, with an embedded PC based on Windows CE, able to store full set of parameters and test results that can then easily be exported through USB or through direct Ethernet connection. The tilting barrel ensures easy cleaning and inspection, and compacting and purging functions can be supported by a unique load cell feature – up to 750 N load. Automatic melt cutting and barell cleaning accessories are also available.


  • An oven-mounted tilting support allows the operator access for easy cleaning and inspection of the barrel after tests
  • Equipped with a fully automatic system for loading masses onto the piston, either a single mass or any combination of masses for multiweight tests can be loaded
  • Includes eight different masses (chosen from the recommended masses listed by the international standards) ranging from 0.325 - 21.6 kg
  • Multi-weight measurements can be carried out with up to 5 weights in the same test, following an increasing, decreasing or random sequence
  • High-resolution numerical control lifting for quick and accurate weight application
  • High accuracy encoder ensures great results, precision with up to 50 measurement points in one test
  • A powerful, fully integrated, semi-automatic cleaning system for quick, easy, and effective cleaning can be added to the instrument
  • A die plug device is available for high fluidity materials testing, to prevent material drool before test starting, controlled with a micro-switch to prevent safety concerns
  • Unique load cell feature for material compacting ensuring high result repeatability and efficiently eliminating air bubbles during preheating phase, as well as purging at test end.
  • Special dies according to specific procedures can be supplied (for example ASTM D 3364 for PVC)


  • ASTM D1238 procedures A, B, C, D ISO 1133-1 and 1133-2, Procedures A and B

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