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Gas Permeability Tester

GDP-C - Gas Permeability Tester

... is designed for testing the permeability of films. It supports an extended temperature range throug external water bath circulator.
  • Different testing gases
  • big temperature bereich
  • Extern evaluation software

How it works

The GDP-C is designed for testing the permeability of dry gases on films and similar materials according to the manometric principle. The sample is put between the top and bottom part of the permeation cell. The volume of the bottom part is as small as possible and known. Prior to each test the bottom part of the permeation cell is evacuated. During testing the top part is filled with the test gas. The gas permeating the material causes a pressure increases at the bottom part of the permeation cell.

You can detect the gas permeability by evaluating this increase in pressure in relation to time and the device-specific volume. The increase in pressure during the test period is evaluated and displayed by an external computer. The PC is connected to the GDP-C with a serial interface.

You can adjust the sample temperature within the range of -20°C and 80°C using an external thermostat.

The GDP-C software allows you to control the following processes:

  • Setting parameters for different test procedures
  • Viewing a graphical representation of the test procedures
  • Printing charts with the test graph
  • Saving your results in Microsoft Access databases
  • Retrieving and editing graphs and results from previous tests.
  • Saving edited graphs
  • Saving, retrieving and printing special test data (such as pre-conditioning).

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