The pco.dimax CS camera is specially designed for all applications centered around car safety testing involving onboard, offboard and sled testing.
A unique capability of all pco.dimax systems is the built-in automatic image calibration that requires no user intervention. The small, lightweight and ruggedized form factor allows for mounting in a multitude of positions. A quick-change lens adapter for popular mounts such as C, F and EF provides the highest test site flexibility.

For on-site ease of viewing, an HD-SDI video output and automated lens control are included. With secure synchronization in multi-camera environments, the pco.dimax CS will provide crisp, brilliant color images in any challenging car safety testing situation.

Key Features
  • 1500 fps @ 2.8 MPix resolution
  • 2000 fps @ Full HD resolution
  • 3000 fps @ 1.3 MPix resolution
  • high-g ruggedized body (150 G for 11ms)
  • secure trigger & sync modes
  • excellent light sensitivity
  • quick-change lens adapter
  • automatic image calibration
  • HD-SDI output
  • integrated lens control
Areas of application
  • car safety testing
  • airbag behavior analysis
  • automotive component testing
  • crash & sledge test
  • super slow motion movie clips
  • short time physics
  • spray analysis
  • hyper velocity impact studies
  • material testing
  • tensile tests
  • airbag inflation
  • fast flow visualization
  • spray imaging
  • hydrodynamics
  • fuel injection
  • sparks in electronical switches
  • combustions imaging
  • fast events in nature and industry