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Corrosion Test

Corrosion Test Instruments

Responding to the diverse demands we receive from various fields, SUGA offers a wide range of corrosion test instruments that test the corrosion resistance of metallic materials and their finished surface, from the basic Salt Spray Test Instrument to more sophisticated Cyclic Corrosion Test Instruments.

Salt Spray Test Instrument / CASS Test Instrument / Humidity Cabinet

       The most basic test apparatus to determine the corrosion resistance of the metal and their finishings. Applicable to ISO 09227 and others, SUGA pursues for uniformity in results and reproducibility.

Combined Cyclic Corrosion Test Instrument

       To reproduce the various environment products and materials face in real life, SUGA offers excellent correlation with outdoor exposure results, and acceleration.

       SUGA will correspond to various needs such as standard based specification and/or special specification.

Ozone Weather Meter / Gas Corrosion Test Instrument / G's Oveng

       Any products and materials around us are exposed to Ozone and corrosive gases. The reliability of the test results depend on the accurate control of the gas concentration, temperature, and humidity. SUGA assures the reliable test results.

Related Units

       SUGA also offers Exaust Air Treatment Unit for Corrosion test instrument and Automatic solution supply unit.


Salt Spray Test Instrument , Model : STP-90V-4

Expert in metal corrosion

These are the most basic test instruments for determining the corrosion resistance of metals and surface treatment. The solution is sprayed from the mist dispersion tower, a method recommended by ISO for its uniform distribution capability. An air barrier board is set inside the solution tank, preventing the fluctuation of the solution's pH level (TM.).

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