Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR)

minispec mq-one series

The One Solution for Your Dedicated QC Application

The best minispec TD-NMR just got better. The mqone offers unparalleled performance in an all-in-one design for dedicated industrial quality control applications.

minispec mq series

Versatile Time-Domain NMR Analyzer from the NMR Experts.

Unlike other spectroscopic techniques, TD-NMR is unaffected by sample color and surface properties. The minispec is perfectly suited to both QA/QC labs and R&D facilities because it is a nondestructive and non-invasive measurement that requires no sample preparation.

minispec Automation

Sample Automation for the minispec mq and mq-one Series

This new easy to use, cost-effective system brings sample automation to routine minispec applications, including complex Solid Fat Content (SFC) analysis.

minispec LF-series

Body Composition Analysis of Mice and Rats

Bruker's minispec Whole Body Composition Analyzer based on TD-NMR provides a precise method for measurement of lean tissue, fat and fluid in living mice and rats.
This body composition analyzer boasts a novel and striking key feature: Because the animal is carefully handled without using any anesthetics, a new standard for longitudinal studies has been established..